Friday, February 22, 2008


Several people have requested that I remove my former post, but I respectfully refused. My blog is here to serve the writing, reading and publishing community, and for me to learn. As my grammie used to say, "T'is there anything more beautiful?"

Some of you have tried to post some very ugly things about the Garys, and you will notice that I denied the comment. The point I'm trying to make is that neither they or you have the right to bash people. Bashing creates a negative atmosphere. What you must understand is the more negativity is spread, where there may not have been a problem before, there becomes one. Any publisher is going to go out of business if they are consistently bashed and shredded over nonsense that the larger houses do all the time. So, in essence, your decision to try to warn people create what you are trying to warn them about. I'm hoping this makes sense.

On the reverse side, I'm glad that Lacresha has taken the high road, rarely speaking and only dealing with facts. She consistently been very magnanimous toward them. Of course, this is no admission or denial of any guilt on anyone's part. But, a lot has been done and said in the public arena, which was a mistake on the part of the Garys. I cannot take that back. Whatever may have happened behind the scenes, there has been much contradiction. People who are writing have legitimate concerns on why there has been a sudden attack against the company, with the exception of her association with Aidana WillowRaven.

In conclusion, I am going to support my publisher and my friend. After speaking with all the clients and freelancers that I have, I know for sure that they are doing something right. Like any other house, it's not perfect. But, unlike most publishers, they are the first to admit it. Please, no more bashing of the Garys, as per the request of Lacresha. She was careful to tell me that the only help she truly needs is prayer and fellowship. This is God's way, and I salute her for choosing to do it His way!


Anonymous said...

Good points. Point made.

Marie said...

IMHO, this mess could have been handled better. Girl, it's not fair for her to keep folding to the Garys pressure. It's not fair that everyone doesn't get to have their voice heard. Lacresha doesn't want any of us on the AW board defending her. She doesn't want any more threads, good or bad. How will people get both sides if no one from our side can speak. People have even began to wish us farewell when we are not closing. I don't like being silent. I don't even want to be nice about it. Nowhere in the Bible does it tell you to lie down and allow people to walk all over you.

Charles Hughes said...

9 out of every 10 times things like this happen, you can trace it back to cruelty of heart. As an old man whose been 'round the block a time or two, I think this was a darling post you just made. I love being with Living Waters Publishing Company, both my wife and I. I never did get to work directly with the Garys but Lacresha said great things about them. Love is the right way to handle anything. And in today's world when facts can be fabricated, no one should really get in it. We should just pray that each of the people actually involved get together with God, and make sure that what they are doing is pleasing our Father in heaven. Otherwise, it doesn't ultimately matter. Erica, I would advise you and your husband to remember that the legal system fails and that is not necessarily the way God would want LWP to respond. In prayer, we heard that God would give each party peace.

Anonymous said...


You are absolutely right. Are you a preacher or something?