Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Living Waters Publishing Company authors say farewell to a beautiful Woman

By now, everyone knows Lacresha has determined to leave the baby she spent five years building, three years working.

So many authors have written in to me concerning my thoughts. I'm not quite sure when I became an authority, but I thought I'd give place for others to sound out about how they feel for Lacresha. Maybe we can convince her to stay. If not, we know she is a great asset and I'm sure it won't be the last we'll hear of her.

The comments are open for everyone's sentiments.


Terry Kennedy said...

Let me be first, Erica. Lacresha, I learned a lot about human nature from you. I've seen you show patience, forgiveness, understanding and love to strangers. So, God bless whatever you do, young lady. Stay strong and keep in close touch.

The last thing - I'm still praying that God sends you back. You deserve to be with the company you birthed. We all love you!

Papa Edward said...

Little girl, I taught you all I knew. You are more than equipped to do this job. You are more than able to take care of this. If you must step back, do it. No harm and no fowl, but don't let people see you cry. Hold yourself strong. Anybody with a pea brain and better knows that a person's past is less than beans. It's the present that counts. Yours is filled with great things, child. Don't stop feeling. It never made me rich, but I was successful in my heart. I did what I knew was right. Love to you, little darling. Hold your head up because we are praying.

Anonymous said...

Living Waters Publishing Company is bigger than your haters. Shake them haters off and keep stepping. Don't let no devil in hell run you away from your business. Liars will be liars. Deceivers will be deceivers. Gossips will be gossips. Busybodies will be busybodies. Complainers will complain until God stops it. All it is for you to do is be faithful over the small things, as you've proven that you are, and God will make you ruler of many. Don't you dare walk away. Then them demons will keep on talking, feel like they got you up against the wall. Come out swinging girl. You used to be a fighter. Mound up and fight. Wherever you go, you'll have to pass this test. Love ya but needed to tell ya the truth and nothing but the truth because it makes us free. No more crying. No more fear of what people can do for you. You have one of the most upstanding lives of anyone I know and God sees that, sure do. You better trust HIM! He WILLL fight your battles.

Pastor Davis said...


This is your big brother here. What is really going on? Last we prayed, you were going to stand. Then, I find this. I know you aren't going to sacrifice yourself to keep a peace that may not be meant to keep. You can't do anything to replace stolen money. You can't do anything to stop people from falsely assuming. You can't stop the Garys or anyone else from doing whatever they choose to do. All you can do is what you been doing. Do good to those who spitefully misuse you. When a person would take the coat off your back, give them your shirt also. The more you pray for those who are breaking your heart, the more involved God becomes.

Sis, our whole 1200 members are in Missouri praying. I would say call, but you never do. Don't leave your post, rather stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. You are a new creature, you and Mike both. These authors are not babies who need to be protected by you. Let gay rights activists picket your company. Let them do it. Let people say you are too overtly Christian.

Erica, thanks for alerting me. I'll keep in touch with you too. We may have to spank her. She's just a little shrimp. She has to do what she has to do, and we gotta do what we gotta do.

Anonymous said...

Erica, you're a great friend to the business and to Lacre. She is a beautiful woman, inside and out. I think that nothing will be the same without her.

Anonymous said...

Papa Edward, are you a publisher?

Anyway, I have participated in the AW posts, but I would have never thought she'd leave. For all of you who think we just purposefully decided to pick on a "good" person, that was not the case. We never said we believed everything we heard. We were simply discussing what we heard. I was shocked to see so many people love her like they do. I guess if I weigh it in the balance, the hundreds of you who love and speak for her far outweighs the three or four who speak against her. But business is business and it takes only one or two to topple any business. In the future, I suggest that you not trust anyone because they claim salvation. Some of us pagans/heathens, as we are called, know how to treat people much better than so called Christians. This is all because of "Christians"

Lea Schizas - Author/Editor said...

Lacresha, I am sorry to see you step down but being a business woman myself, I know the courage and heartache this decision must have been on you. This shows me the person you really are, a dedicated and loving person who will do what is necesary to see no harm over gossip and words from others befall her authors and staff.

As many have posted here, many did nothing but 'spill hurtful words' even before Living Waters had a chance to prove itself.

I wish you nothing but success in your life.

Rita said...

Living Waters cannot ever be the same without you, Lacresha. I got official notice only a few days ago as I've been in the hospital for nearly a month. I was very ill. When I got home, it was a blessing to find several letters from the company and a card.

Thanks again for believing in me and for putting up with my constant pestering. I hope you stay in touch.