Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Highlights~ Publishers I Recommend

In my time of research and calls to various publishing houses, these are the ones that authors speak well of, whose books have good quality, who are courteous, and that I'd recommend without blinking:

~ Guardian Angel Publishing - their site is fun, informative and addictive; they have great authors and a great reputation for children's books

~ Star Publishing - their authors push them and push them; they publish genuinely entertaining material

~ Living Waters Publishing Co. - they have multiple sites and are very involved in the education of authors; their quality is good; they have an impressive sales team

~ Writer's Exchange - Sandy Cummins has a great reputation for helping authors and the store is like heaven online

~ Steel Waves Publishing Co. - they are the publishers for Brian L Porter and Graeme Houston, two of the most talented men of mystery, suspense, storytelling; they pace their books well and have great editors and illustrators on staff

~ Champagne Books - small publisher that is doing well with growth and attracting talented authors

Don't see your publisher listed here? No problem. Send me an email about how great your publisher is and it may be added to the list. My email address is enewton12@gmail.com

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