Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lacresha Hayes on My Blog ~ Truth and Intimacy Tour

Today, I interview Lacresha Hayes about this great marriage book she and her husband wrote together. We will be giving away a $100 gift basket to one commenter who purchases the book. Without further ado...

Lacresha, tell us more about yourself.

- Hi Erica. I'm not sure what to say. I'm a wife and mother. I love being with my family. I'm also a business woman and an author. I love writing because it gives me the opportunity to share what I've learned.

What was your inspiration behind this newest book, Truth and Intimacy?

- We've ministered to so many couples concerning their marriages. We've ministered to pastors and other ministers to stay and make their marriage work. The advice we've given has worked for them all. We felt that a book would get that advice out to more of the world. The divorce rate shows that marriages need more consistent building. Couples need more tools to get through the difficult spots of marriage.

Give us one piece of marital advice from the perspective of a wife.

- The best piece of advice I have is that you must learn to be prayerful, slow to speak and quick to forgive. It's important that we don't make mountains into molehills because marriage is a permanent thing. If we make a fight out of everything we don't like, all we'll have one day is a relationship filled with pain and frustration. We must be quick to forgive. It's no different than how a mother must adapt to her crying baby. You can't keep a baby from crying. You have to give them time. Same with your spouse. You can't stop disagreements from happening, but you can have patience with the things you disagree about. It works out with time, prayer and understanding.

Why should readers purchase this book above all the others on the subject?

- Well, I'm partial. I haven't read a lot of books that deal with the harder issues on marriage with grace and understanding. We dealt with real issues and gave real, applicable advice.

Lacresha, give us some contact and purchasing information.

- You can contact me at and visit my websites:
If you'd like to purchase the book, go to

Thanks for interviewing me, Erica. You're the best!


giddymomof6 said...

Wow! That was so good, I wish there was more! Good job both of you!

unwriter said...

Yes, the divorce rates are staggering (I've gone through three, but fixing the second). As humans we're often quick to anger and slow to forgive. We need to reverse that. This book will do a lot towards that end.

Vicky Warren said...

Excellent interview. More information to enjoy and great advice from such a young woman.

Anonymous said...

Sound advice, Lacresha. Judging by your 3P's blog and the issues you deal with straight up on that forum, I'm betting this book gets right down to the nitty gritty of what makes a solid spiritual-based marriage work.

Thanks for this post, Erica.

Joyce Anthony said...

Good interview, Ladies. I look forward to hosting on my blog--and Lacresha, you KNOW my kind of questions :-)

Jeanette Patindol said...

great interview and insights! congratulations to both of you!

errr... just a little note... shouldn't that read as "making mountains out of molehills" instead of "into"?