Friday, October 10, 2008

Husband Issues

I wrote an article for a local newsletter about marriage. I've read so many marriage books, but somehow nothing prepares you for marriage like marriage. So anyway, while writing the article, my husband, John, told me that he'd prefer if I didn't given anyone marital advice because it's a surefire way to draw demonic attacks. LOL! I should have listened. No sooner than the article ran, John and I began arguing every five minutes. LOL! We actually had a big tif at the grocerers. I left out crying. When I look back, it's quite funny. However, I learned that even perfect marriages are not perfect. My husband is a wonderful man, but he gets on my last nerve most times, especially since I'm pregnant.

I guess we'll call this entry "Husband Issues" because he's the reason I cry so much. He's either too nice, not nice enough, always there or never there enough. You know those pregnancy hormones. So, I told the publisher that I didn't want to do any more marriage articles until I got these extra surging hormones under control. Actually, I probably should have called this "Pregnant Wife Issues" - LOL!

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