Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Becoming: My Personal Memoirs - Not Just Poetry

I like poetry from time to time, but it isn't something I purchase often. Sometimes, the poetic mind is hard for me to understand. I am confused by all the wordiness. But, after promising Lacresha Hayes I'd really read all of her poetry book over and over again, I had to make good on my word.

I was so impressed with how true-to-life these poems were. Each one told a story and painted a portrait of her more clearly than any mere writing could have done. Somehow in rhyme, she showed her strengths and vulnerabilities, her power and fears, her triumphs and her failures. Somehow, this book showed me a woman I'd been knowing but never fully knew. That is the beauty of poetry. It captures the soul.

I highly recommend you get a copy of Becoming: My Personal Memoirs because it isn't poetry. It's life. It's a true memoir. It is also a mirror that can more clearly reflect your soul. Please use the links in this post, or visit Amazon.

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