Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Savvy Market Masters

In need of book marketing? How about branding yourself?

Savvy Market Masters, a new business endeavor by Lacresha Hayes, helps authors improve book visibility across the net and offline.

Lacresha, one of my long time friends and an all-around great businesswoman, began this business out of necessity when authors kept asking her for marketing assistance. In fact, at one point, she reports she was doing more to market the books of others than she was to market her own.

The aspects that set this company apart from others in the business is the genuine creativity used, new programs that no one else is doing right now, including the upgraded blog tours that boast higher ratings in Google searches. The fact that Lacresha is an author herself helps tremendously. The people at SMM are wonderful to work with and don't mind explaining their programs in detail and helping authors make informed decisions about their marketing dollars.

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